Música del blogfrustrat

This night de Black Lab – Banshee
Carry on Wayward son de Kansas – Supernatural
Cotton de The mountain goats – Weeds
The ballad of Serenity Firefly
My body is a cage de Arcade Fire – House MD (amb un cover de Peter Gabriel)
A Man’s gotta doDoctor Horrible’s sing-along blog
Something to sing about – Buffy, the vampire slayer
Piano man de
Billy Joel – Castle
Let my love open the door de Pete Townshend – The newsroom (amb un cover de Luminate)
The ballad of Heisenberg de Los cuates de Sinaloa – Breaking Bad
Eleven plus eleven de Nine below zero – The young one’s
The rain of Castamere – Game of Thrones
Don’t stop beliving – Glee
Save me
de Remy Zero – Smallville
Make your own kind of music
de Mama Cass – Lost
de Jeff Buckley – The West Wing
I’ll be there for you
de The Rembrants – FRIENDS
Woke up this morning
de Alabama 3 – Los Soprano
That Home
The cinematic orchestra – Suits
The longest time
de Billy Joel – How I met your mother
Welcome to the machine de Pink Floyd – Person of interest
If I had a heart
de Fever ray – Vikings
Gave it a name
de Bruce Springsteen – Show me a hero


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